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International agreements, access to markets and access to international funds signed by Cape Verde


Cape Verdean economic diplomacy, which is only one aspect of the new diplomacy, has been carried out as an extension of the latter, which guides the Cape Verdean external framework:

• greater attention to the problems of small island countries;

• strengthen the privileged partnership with the European Union;

• strengthen the bridges with PALOP and Timor-Leste;

• be proactive in CPLP;

• strengthen political dialogue and cooperation with our main partners;

• expanding horizons in Asia and the Middle East;

• promote the placement of personnel in international organizations;

• encourage consensus and promote excellence in national diplomacy;

• reconfiguration, resizing and modernization of diplomatic and consular services;

• annual debate on foreign policy; Diplomatic Institute as a think tank;

• New Diaspora Engagements.

A series of internal requirements promote foreign investment and encourage the creation and internationalization of companies in Cape Verde and from Cape Verde.

Political stability

Good Governance 3rd best in Africa - Mo Ibrahim Found;

First Country Freedom House

27th democracy in the world

Perception of corruption (Intern. Transparency) 2nd in Africa and 39th in the world

Social stability

Human development - UNDP 3rd in Africa

Quality of life - EIUnit Index 3rd in Africa

Literacy rate - 95% of young population

Economic stability

Economic Freedom, 3rd in ECOWAS and 9th in Africa (Index of Economic Freedom - Heritage Foundation, 2018)

4th in Africa in internet access

4th in Africa on the ICT Development Index (IDI) and 1st in West Africa

9th in Africa on infrastructure development (Africa Infrastructure Development Index)

Guarantee of investor rights and sectoral tax advantages

International agreements - Market access