In addition to teaching new things, the mentor is an inspiration that can be a great motivation. It is the junction of knowledge and practice that leads to evolution. It should be noted that a mentor need not necessarily be older, as the concept of experience has more to do with what one has experienced than time itself. Mentors are generally younger than their students.


In addition to training, mentoring is another way to support women in the start-up phase. It is an excellent tool for women who are starting or have a consolidated business but want to improve their results and optimize their management. A mentor has a broader view of a business based on their experience and knowledge gained over time. He can therefore bring great added value and play the role of a partner, guiding them towards success.

In Cape Verde, the tutoring and follow-up service is also provided by the microcredit organizations already mentioned in the page on microfinance and financial knowledge, which accompany their beneficiaries in the management process. This follow-up is done through training, visits or at the request of the beneficiaries.

- A MES CD - Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Cape Verde and the Diaspora, whose mission is to provide Cape Verdean businesswomen with useful tools to develop their business, reflecting this equity in terms of:

access to modernity, competitiveness, opportunities for personal and organizational development, innovation, integration and relationships, regularly promotes events and other events where the most experienced women tell their experiences and give them advice.

Also through his 3-minute television program, he uses it to convey his support and encouragement to female entrepreneurs.


Praia (cape verde)

Call 930 51 7

AJEC - The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cape Verde also makes a contribution to older or more experienced members who support less experienced ones.

They also hold monthly workshops where experienced and less experienced entrepreneurs come together to discuss various topics.

BIC - Business Incubation Center is a business incubator that focuses on innovative and scalable projects. Its mission is to support the affirmation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by creating a stimulating environment, in a market logic, the development of an entrepreneurial initiative aimed at stimulating innovation and the creation of sustainable enterprises in terms of economic. Currently under the direction of the Leeward Chamber of Commerce, it is made up of a team of 5 people.

BIC mentoring activities include:

• Incubate follow-up - A diagnosis was made for each company using the 360° GrowthWheel diagnostic tool, which helped to define the objectives of each incubation. After this diagnosis, it was found that, in most cases, the needs are related to the organizational aspects of the company from a legal point of view (contracts and licenses), as well as at the marketing level to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently for entry. companies in the market. It is in this sense that the services of consultants have been hired to provide technical assistance in the fields of marketing and commerce and in the legal and administrative fields, thus allowing the incubated companies to obtain better results.

• Entrepreneur Assistance - During the second quarter, 35 entrepreneur and/or aspiring entrepreneur assistance were provided for a detailed presentation of BIC's support services, to know the entrepreneur's job and its phase and to recommend it to the promoter. the following steps adapting it to the different programs of the incubator;



Praia (Cabo Verde)

Ligar 260 37 2

At governmental level PRO-EMPRESA - Institute for the Promotion of Enterprises, whose mission is to promote, facilitate and accompany national private investments of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (investments below 50 million escudos) in all sectors of the economy. national.

As part of the implementation of the institute's programs, the company also provides consultancy services to its beneficiaries with consultants accredited by the institution, in order to ensure the relevance and quality of business development services (BDS ).

This accreditation is done through the consultant accreditation system. It is considered a proof of trust, worthy of the profession and the consulting activity, respecting and promoting the highest ethical values as well as technical and scientific standards of excellence. .

Consultant Eligibility Criteria

Any private or legally constituted entity with proven technical expertise and experience in providing training or consultancy services to SMEs.


The candidate must have at least two (2) years of proven experience in the practice of consulting and/or training and/or proven experience in an area of expertise.

It must be equipped with:

Minimum Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Vocational Course (PCEE) – equivalent to Vocational Qualification Level V in the National Qualifications System;

Skills: Ability to perform tasks independently, spirit of mission, integrity, appreciation of the values of professional ethics;

Technical skills: Comprehensive analytical skills, a necessary condition for an objective diagnosis and authoritative assessment of MSME problems, as well as for the search for appropriate solutions to these problems.

Required documents:

For individual consultants:

Identification document;


Curriculum vitae;

Literacy certificate (equivalence for international certificates);

Initial trainer training certificate (FPIF) or trainer aptitude certificate (CAF) - reserved for trainers;

For consulting companies

Updated business registration - issued for less than a year;

NIF Company;

Portfolio of works produced;

Membership identification document;

Identification document of the coordinating consultant;

Curriculum vitae of the coordinator and team members;

Literacy certificate of the coordinating consultant;

Initial trainer training certificate (FPIF) or trainer aptitude certificate (CAF) - reserved for trainers;

It is the largest business association in the north of the country. It has come a long way from its foundation in 1918 to the present day, seeking to consolidate its institutions, to assert itself as a representative entity of the regional business world.

It has hundreds of associate members, including professionals and micro, small, medium and large companies, who are part of the BCC business network.

The CCB sees itself as a credible and indispensable partner for any investor looking for the northern region of Cape Verde.

One of the main strategies of the North Chamber of Commerce is to transform the conditions in which entrepreneurs in the region develop their activity, by eliminating or alleviating the constraints that limit or hinder this development;

Its mission is also to create the conditions for qualitative entrepreneurship to impose itself and bear fruit in the region, with a view to densifying the private entrepreneurial fabric and, therefore, creating sufficient jobs to fight against unemployment

Promote and exploit all the economic potential of the region, with the development of new business sectors, generating high incomes and generating economic growth.

Camara de Comércio has an entrepreneur support office with a multidisciplinary team of internal technicians and a network of experienced consultants, which constitute the technical force of the institution to respond quickly to the needs of the entrepreneur / investor or company.

Need assistance CCB can support (turnkey) any type of license. Complete the form from the following list (in Word format in quoteditquot mode) and send it to the address

CCB can also help:
♦ Installation of offices and warehouses on one of the Windward Islands;
♦ Intermediation with government and intermediary leaders
♦ Funding for research and negotiation
♦ Legal assistance, procurement, tax, investment, internationalization;
♦ Recruitment, selection and training of staff
♦ Prospection of domestic and foreign markets
♦ business to business inside and outside the country
♦ Rental and adaptation of spaces for commercial activities


An effective and efficient trade and investment promotion organization that continuously develops and promotes Cape Verde's best development strategies and creates value for its partners and clients.


Promote the sustainable, inclusive and balanced economic growth of Cape Verde by mobilizing quality investments and stimulating exports of products and services in order to improve the quality of life of Cape Verdeans in terms of employment, opportunities and of social mobility.

Cape Verde TradeInvest has the following mandates:

  • Generate investments
  • Promote exports
  • Facilitation and support of investors
  • Facilitate and take care of the exporter
  • Create and disseminate the image of the country
  • Advocate for improving the business environment


Transform Cape Verde into a regional hub for global trade and investment flows.