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The main vision of the government is to strengthen its capacity to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the network of services and programs aimed at the most vulnerable family and social groups.

Social work in Cape Verde

At government level, the Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion is the department whose mission is the definition, conduct and execution of social support and development policies, the fight against poverty and social exclusion , the promotion, protection and support of the family, children, adolescents and the elderly, persons with disabilities and to contribute effectively to gender equality, as well as to the design and implementation of immigrant integration policies.

MFIS services:

  • Directorate General of Planning, Budget and Management (DGPOG)
  • Studies, planning and cooperation service
  • Human Resources, Finance and Asset Management Department
  • Human resources, administration, finance and heritage support service.
  • Directorate General of Social Inclusion

Central body of the Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion, its mission is to define, formulate and evaluate public policies promoting the social inclusion of the most vulnerable individuals, families and groups (disabled, elderly and children ). The actions aim to achieve four main results: combating poverty and increasing incomes; Promotion of a care system for children, the elderly and the disabled; Improving the socio-professional integration and quality of life of people with disabilities; and integration of addicts in recovery.

  • Family Development Promotion Service
  • Disability Development Service
  • Directorate General of Immigration
  • Support service for the social integration of immigrants
  • Immigration Management Support Service

Autonomous institutions and services

1. Cape Verdean Children's Institute - ICCA

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2. Cape Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity - ICIEG

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3. National Center for Social Pensions - CNPS

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The vision of the WTO is the social, economic and cultural well-being of women, families and Cape Verdean society in general, through the defense and promotion of women's rights from a gender perspective.



The fundamental objective being to favor the insertion and improvement of the social position of Cape Verdean women (from a gender perspective) and to promote their participation in the process of economic, social and political development of their communities and the country, in order to to improve their chances of success. living conditions for them and their families.

At the national level, other NGOs are also dedicated to social causes, many of which have a major impact on society in all the islands and in almost all localities, as well as in all the town halls of the country where the services of social action to improve the situation. of the lives of all Cape Verdeans. At the level of civil initiative in almost all areas, there are associations that support the development of communities at different levels.

CITI-HABITAT - has developed economic empowerment and operates projects for women who do not yet have access to credit