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Practical guide to registering patents in Cape Verde

Patent applications/registrations in different forms of intellectual property (e.g. patent for invention, registration of trademark, design or model, logo, copyright, among others) must be made by the applicant/applicant by completing the following form: application and compliance with other formal requirements and administrative procedures defined by the organization in charge of intellectual property.

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Also in Cape Verde you can do:

• Trademark registration

• Logo

• industrial design

• patent

• utility model

• Establishment name and insignia

• designation of origin

• geographical indication


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The Patent Service in Cape Verde

Useful information

In island countries and in the process of economic transformation, for example in Cape Verde, where tourism appears as one of the fundamental pillars of the transformation strategy, quality appears as a distinctive factor and a fundamental means of increasing the ability to compete in the supply of products and services compared to other destinations.

In this context, as part of a sustainable and sustainable competitive strategy, the creation and implementation of a set of measures allowing the country to allocate all the pillars of infrastructure quality -Conformity assessment / certification / accreditation; Metrology;

Standardization – and jointly with an organization responsible for managing this infrastructure in all its aspects, in a coordinated manner with related entities, so as to improve national production and services and to rationalize the process of producing standards in accordance with the following principles: l general objective of technical and regulatory convergence with the European Union.

It is from this point of view that Decree-Law No. 8/2010 of March 22 establishing the bases of the National Quality System (SNQC) provided for the creation of the Institute of Quality Management (IGQ), quality at Cape Verde, with the aim of improving consumer confidence and the business environment and further promoting the strengthening of Cape Verde's competitive capacity.

It is on this basis that the government took the decision, after a certain period of maturation, to install and put into operation the Institute of Quality Management, created in 2010 by resolution 41/2010 of the Council of Ministers of August 2 and whose statutes were approved by Decree-Law No. 6/2010 of August 26.

Later, it was considered fundamental to merge the Institute of Quality Management IGQ with the Institute of Intellectual Property of Cape Verde (IPICV) of the time, and the respective statutes were approved by Decree- Law No. 35/2014 of December 5.

The Institute for Quality Management and Intellectual Property (IGQPI) is therefore a public body under the indirect administration of the State, which is responsible for the management of the National Quality System of Cape Verde (SNQC ) and the national intellectual property protection system.

Intellectual Property (SNPI), as well as other regulatory qualification systems conferred by law and the promotion of activities aimed at helping economic agents improve their performance and demonstrate the credibility of their action in the market, through of: qualification of people, products, services and systems.

The revitalization of each of the aforementioned areas and the management of the SNQC and the SNPI give the IGQPI sufficient space to carry out technical, regulatory and public development activities related to the competitiveness of the country.

IGQPI reaches the goal of 4000 registered in Cape Verde