Practical information guide

Documents required

• Identity document if the Djiboutian investor and residence permit for foreign investors
• Land request letter
• Business plan detailing your business project

Provisional concession title

Price per square meter of land

• Zone I: Old Djibouti Station: 25,000 DJF/m2
• Zone II: PK 20 to PK 23 south of RN 1: 2000 DJF to 3000 DJF
• Zone III: Douda – Nagad housing estates and their surroundings: 5000 DJF/m2.
• Zone IV: Balbala Sud housing estates – Nassib and their surroundings: 2000 DJF/m2
• Zone V: Balbala housing estates – PK 12 and their surroundings: 3,000 DJF/m2.

Processing time for land conservation and tax files: 72 hours


One-stop shop of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investment (ANPI)

Address: Boulevard of the Republic
PO Box 1884
Telephone: (+253) 21 33 34 00

Department of Housing and Urbanism

ZIS Boulaos Republic of Djibouti
BP 11
Telephone: (+253) 21 35 00 06
Telephone: (+253) 21 35 00 67

Direction des Domaines et de la Conservation Foncière: management of formalities and procedures facilitating the registration and transfer of properties

Ministerial City,
PO Box 13 Djibouti
(+253) 2132 51 89 (office)

Ibrahim Waho Mohamed
+253 77 86 39 93

Investor access to land ownership

Through legal texts such as Law No. 177/AN/91 2nd L of October 10, 1991 on the organization of land, the Republic of Djibouti has undertaken vast reforms to facilitate access to land ownership for Djiboutian or foreign investors. .

These legal and institutional arrangements allow any Djiboutian or foreign investor, man or woman eligible for the benefits and guarantees of the investment code, to buy, rent or resell land belonging to the State or to a private owner. We will present in the table below a description of the services in charge of the management of land domains, procedures for access to land in Djibouti.