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E-Resources in Djibouti

E-Government Portal

The National State Information System Agency (ANSIE) under the supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, has developed a portal for electronic services of the Djiboutian government in order to provide electronic public services to Djiboutian citizens, foreigners , businesses and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

This portal provides services that various government organizations provide to the public. You can select a utility from the list to get potential service providers.

By selecting the service provider of your choice, you will get detailed instructions on how to request this service.

To access this site click here www.egouv.dj

Single Window Portal

This portal is a space that makes available in a simplified and unified way a large amount of information on the formalities and the lists of documents to be provided to create a business in Djibouti. This platform provides information on the steps that will punctuate the itinerary of future business creators in Djibouti as well as a description of the institutions to which you should contact for help and advice at each stage of creation.

This information is useful for business creators in order to better guide them. This portal offers a menu of its various contents in the top bar: presentation, procedure, news, doing business, downloads of forms, etc. This portal is open to business creators of all sizes (SMEs/VSEs and companies) in all sectors of activity (services, trade, industry) or any other person interested in starting a business in Djibouti.

To access this site click here: www.guichet-unique.dj

Portal of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investment (ANPI)

We find in this platform important resources and information for local and foreign companies and investments, new or existing, such as;

investment guide
Strategic sector in which to invest
Investment opportunity
Tax information and other incentive procedures for investing in Djibouti
To visit this site click here www.djiboutinvest.com