Information Guide

Patent granting procedure

The filing and registration of the patent is carried out at the ODPIC by following the steps below:
✓ Presentation of the documents and the previously completed form (form to be withdrawn on the ODPIC site)
✓ Issuance of deposit receipt
✓ Registration in the patent register
✓ Feasibility study (formal and substantive examination)
✓ If accepted: publication for 18 months
✓ 3 month objection
✓ Grant of the patent

Obtaining a patent guarantees the company a monopoly of exploitation for a period of 20 years.

The costs relating to the patent are distinguished in 2 parts

1. Royalties relating to patent filing
‣ Invention patent filing fee 122,500 FDJ
‣ Feasibility study: 45,000 FDJ
‣ Correction of errors of expression, transcription or
material errors: 10,000 DJF
‣ Registration of deeds affecting ownership or enjoyment
fees: 10,000 FDJ
‣ Registration of change relating to the identification
from the owner: 10,000FDJ
‣ Declaration of withdrawal: 10,000 FDJ

2. Royalties on the maintenance in force of the patent
‣ 1st period of 5 years: 50,000 FDJ
‣ 2nd period of 5 years: 75,000 FDJ
‣ 3rd period of 5 years: 100,000 FDJ
‣ 4th period of 5 years: 125,000 FDJ


Djiboutian Office of Intellectual and Commercial Property (ODPIC)

Mohamed Dileita Street
PO: 2017

Phone: +253 21 35 60 11
Fax: +253 21 35 60 92


To secure the intangible assets of companies against fraudulent and illegal maneuvers (counterfeiting, unfair competition and usurpation) and reduce disputes between economic actors, the Republic of Djibouti, like other countries, has set up a dedicated institution protection of industrial and commercial property. The Djibouti Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (ODPIC), a state-owned industrial and commercial company with legal personality and financial autonomy was created in 2008 by Law No. 49/AN/08/6 th .

This institution's mission is to register and issue patents, certificates of registration of trademarks, designs and models in Djibouti

A patent protects an invention (product, composition of matter, apparatus, process or improvement of an old product) which must have the following characteristics: be new and offer the possibility of being used or applied. Also, the patent grants a monopoly to the author of this invention for a certain period predefined by the regulations.