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In the Republic of Djibouti, among the main difficulties encountered by women entrepreneurs are prominently the weakness of their skills in financial management, accounting and knowledge of tax information.

Faced with this observation, the Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti, has set up an Approved Management Center (CGA), a real accounting and tax support entity for Djiboutian entrepreneurs.

In other words, the CGA in their assistance mission, accompanies and supports VSEs (Very Small Enterprises) and SMEs/SMIs (Small and Medium Enterprises/Small and Medium Industries run by women, through appropriate training, at the improvement of the financial/accounting management of their companies, assistance with the assembly of file of request for financing and especially to encourage them to be formalized.

The Approved Management Center (CGA) also aims, through training, to improve knowledge of the accounting and financial aspects of corporate governance.

The CGA offers various services to its members, including:

-Training in accounting and financial management,

-Training in corporate taxation,

-Prevention of difficulties

The description of the services of the CGA as well as the conditions of access are available on the following link:


Contact Approved Management Center

Headquarters: Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti
Address: Place Lagarde, Casino building 1st floor Building C
BP: 84
Phone. : (253) 21 35 36 76 Fax: (253) 21 00 96