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According to Fanikisha Initiative, business training for businesswomen leads:  

  • Enhanced aspirations of women to move forward and excel in their endeavours.
  • An increased number of women at decision making levels which is resource empowerment.
  • Increased consciousness at the business, government and community level to enhance women empowerment.
  • Increased capacity and motivation of women to take on new and challenging roles at higher levels coupled with zeal to perform satisfactorily.
  • Creation of role models upon which other women look at for benchmarking and progression / growth purposes.


The aim of business training is to improve business performance for businesses ran by women. This means that

SMEs led by women become more profitable and impact the quality of life for not only the women but their families as well due to the availability of a higher disposable income. 
Many Organisations in Kenya are investing in capacity building for businesswomen to help solve the issue of under-performance of women owned businesses, mainly attributed to limited access to capital and lack of skills.

Safaricom Foundation

Economically empowering people through providing them with business skills

Hand in Hand East Africa (HiH EA

Building capacity of women, youth and men to upscale their incomes


has a number of business services including one-on-one mentorship on branding, law, accounting and business plan development

Kenya Institute of Business Training (KIBT)

has a range of training programmes beneficial to women in business