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The internet age has come to disrupt the way of doing business in all countries by introducing e-commerce. It has provided fertile ground that women entrepreneurs in Africa can explore. Digitization brings business opportunities with many businesses now moving from just having brick and mortar shops to working on their online presence.  Most financial institutions now lend over the phone without needing the physical presence of an applicant.

As financial dependence was a big hurdle in the growth and development of women, E-entrepreneurship became a great force for women to cross these hurdles. (re word)

The African Centre For Women & ICT (ACWICT)

develops programs that provide women and youth at different levels of transition from education to the world of work; Primary Education, High-school education and Post-secondary/tertiary education


enables Kenyan citizens, residents and visitors to access government services online.


Provide Kenyans with access to digital work, and Promote Kenya as a destination for online workers.