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 la Maison de l’Entreprise du Burkina SAWADOGO Ismaël Tél. : +226 25 39 80 60 / 61 ismael.sawadogo@me.bf informations@me.bf




In Burkina Faso, capacity building for women entrepreneurs is an essential process through which they can better manage their businesses.

It is a question of technical or personal training in all areas to better equip women in management techniques for small and medium-sized enterprises and responses to calls for tenders.

Commercial training

Today, a huge number of women entrepreneurs are launching without having certain basics in the commercial aspect, they must know the market inside out and close sales brilliantly. The pressure can sometimes be high, but with training and capacity building, they will be able to respond to any type of commercial demand. Commercial management, sales and negotiation are modules widely studied during commercial training.

The necessary training for women entrepreneurs in terms of business management are:

- Marketing

- Communication

- The techniques of selling a product or service,

- Negotiation techniques

- Speaking techniques

- Commercial strategy techniques

- Distribution techniques

- Market research

- packaging

- digital marketing

- Managerial techniques,

- Personal development (Motivation, self-confidence, etc.)

- Sales approach techniques

- The techniques to conclude a deal

- Wearable art techniques

Some structures help women in training and capacity building :

- The Business House of Burkina Faso

The general objective pursued by the Maison de l'Entreprise du Burkina Faso (MEBF) is to participate in the development of a strong and competitive private sector, through the provision of a critical and coordinated mass of services to companies and associations. professionals. Through its program quotManage your business better (GERME)quot is a management training program for owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses. It presents the basic principles of good business management in a simple and practical way . Through several training modules in marketing, communication and commercial management.

It has an annual calendar for training.


Phone. : +226 25 39 80 60 / 61



- The ABP-JF (Burkinabe Association for the Promotion of Young Girls)

This association provides training in business management, market research, sales, promotion, etc. This association helps young girls in the business of commercial distribution, mobile phones. The main objective is to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and underemployment of young people and women in Burkina Faso. This central objective is broken down into the following specific objectives:

The promotion of self-employment for young people and women;

The socio-professional integration of young people and women.

Vocational training for women and young girls


Tel: (+226) 50 37 59 64/ +226 72 34 40 04

Email: contact@paejf.bf

- New Dawn University

Aube Nouvelle University (U-AUBEN) is a private higher education institution member of CAMES. It is also made up of institutes or schools and Training and Research Units (UFR). The diplomas issued within U-AUBEN are: License, Master and Doctorate

Ouaga Tel: (+226) 25 36 39 75 – 25 36 24 99

Bobo Dioulasso: Tel: (+226) 20 98 04 42

Information and registration: (+226) 57 00 00 14 – 57 00 00 19 – 58 02 84 24 – 63 00 33 33

Email: info@u-auben.com / registration@u-auben.com

- The Business School of Ouagadougou (ESC-Ouaga) is a private institute of higher education. Created in 2012, approved by the Burkinabè State

Mission: Train management professionals, commercial management, communication


Phone: +22625370406

Website: www.esc-ouaga.com


Ouagadougou 09 BP 1042