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Projects and programs for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso



In Burkina Faso, women constitute more than 52% of the national population. The 2020 forecasts of the National Institute of Statistics and Demography (INSD) estimate a growth of this female population to more than 9,846,493 by 2020.

The Burkinabé government in terms of women's empowerment has put in place projects to bring women entrepreneurs towards effective empowerment.

Several structures set up programs and projects for the empowerment of women :

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso (CCI-BF) has set up a specialized commission dedicated to this theme. Known as the Commission for the Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship (COPEF), it is responsible for:
    • Lead reflection on the obstacles that hinder the advancement of women in business
    • Propose actions in line with the problems identified;
    • Propose any projects or incentives aimed at promoting women's entrepreneurship.

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01 BP 502 Ouagadougou 01
Phone: (+226) 25 30 61 14/15
(+226) 25 31 12 66/67

Email: info@cci.bf

  • The Commission for the Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship ( COPEF ) is the organization of the national forum on innovation for women entrepreneurs . It was set up by the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and its mission is to to reflect on the obstacles that hinder the promotion of women in business and to propose actions in line with the problems identified. She is responsible for proposing all projects or incentives aimed at promoting women's entrepreneurship.

Four major acts will mark the course of this first forum; these are in particular:

- The official launch of the first web portal dedicated to women's entrepreneurship during the opening ceremony;

- Animation, by national experts, of panels around the issue of women's entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso;

- The publication of the “First directory of the Top 100 Burkinabè businesswomen” during a night called “Night of recognition of the merit of women fighters”;

- Competition of innovative projects in favor of women's entrepreneurship.

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01 BP 502 Ouagadougou 01
Phone: (+226) 25 30 61 14/15
(+226) 25 31 12 66/67

Email: info@cci.bf

  • Permanent Secretariat of the National Council for the Promotion of Gender (SP/CONAP Genre) has implemented specific programs for women's empowerment through:

- Creation of a general directorate for the economic empowerment of women;

- Various training and sensitization of women on themes related to women's entrepreneurship and women's empowerment;

- Support in setting up files;

- Funding of women's projects;

- Creation of specific funds for women's entrepreneurship;

- Organization of study trips, incubation etc.

- Raising awareness and training in entrepreneurship

- Gender and entrepreneurship training

- Implementation of the support program for women's entrepreneurship


Permanent Secretariat of the National Council for the Promotion of Gender;

Phone: 70 62 56 20;

Email: asskabor@yahoo.fr

  • Ministry of Women, National Solidarity, Family and Humanitarian Action

is responsible for women's empowerment to provide:

- Support for the formalization of 1,000 women's businesses

- Provision of 500 rural women with agricultural inputs

- Acquisition of processing, catering, sewing and hairdressing technologies for the benefit of 100 women's associations and groups

- Financially support 429 coordination of women's organizations for the identification of victims of VEFF and the establishment of civil status documents

A list of initiatives and how they intend to benefit women entrepreneurs

Events and activities organized for this purpose :

- The establishment of a group of independent research experts on women's entrepreneurship

- The attachment of FAARF to its technical supervision at the Ministry in charge of women.

- Creation of an incubation center for young women entrepreneurs

- Organization of a quotwomen's entrepreneur nightquot in 2018;

- Organization of the quot48 hours of business opportunities and financing for women entrepreneursquot in 2019

- Organization of regional competitions and a national competition for female entrepreneurship

- Organization of regional forums and the national and women's forum


Mr. Zorome Soumaila

Email: soumzorom@gmail.com

Phone: (+226) 70 29 97 20


Tel: (+226) 76 05 33 60/73 36 98 99

Email: damatou.baguigna@gmail.com

  • L'OCCITANE has been working with women producers of shea butter in Burkina Faso since the 1980s in a logic of support and co-development. L'OCCITANE has also been recognized since 2013 as an exemplary company by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

This project aims to:

- Improving the coverage of educational needs by teaching women to read, write and count;

- Support for the creation and management of income-generating activities;

- Support for agricultural entrepreneurship with training;

- The development of eco-citizen behavior within the beneficiary population.

- Expand women's empowerment in Burkina Faso

The Learn to Change project aims to extend the financial empowerment goals of Burkinabe women to the provinces of Sissili and Ziro, in the Center-West region of the country.



  • SOS SAHEL 's mission is to “Cultivate the spirit of national and international solidarity for the benefit of disadvantaged populations in Burkina Faso”.

To better align its interventions with its mission, the NGO has adopted a five-year strategic plan 2011 - 2015. This plan has been the basic programmatic document since its adoption and SOS SAHEL BF has set itself the following strategic goals:

- Promote basic social services;

- Contribute to the development of development policies for the benefit of disadvantaged populations

- support and promote local know-how.


01 BP 4419 - Ouagadougou

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

Phone: (+226) 25 31 7120


  • Diakonia works in the long term to change political, economic, social and cultural structures. They support local organizations while organizing awareness and information campaigns. All of these actions are necessary to address the roots of poverty and empowerment of women.

Diakonia through the Gender Mainstreaming Project in Private Sector Development in Burkina Faso is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts and the Common Gender Fund. The project was financed with more than 250 million CFA francs and aims to empower women economically. The project started with 50 women per region. These women have had capacity building to enable them to improve their entrepreneurial capacity. After that, he proceeded to the selection of 25 women/region to accompany them in the formalization of their businesses. After this process, reinforcement actions continued in the 13 regions. With approved management centers and business formality centers, it has granted grants to its latter so that they can formalize their business. In the end, the PMG/DSP-BF selected and rewarded women with very high potential working in the informal sector, recalling that the economic autonomy of women is a fundamental axis in the Common Gender Fund.


01 BP 3191 - Ouagadougou
Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

Phone: (+226) 25 35 90 19

Email: diakonia@diakonia.se