In Burkina Faso, several structures provide training to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs.



Financial training

In Burkina Faso, several structures provide training to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs. It is important for a woman entrepreneur to have financial notions to better manage her business.

It is a question of technical or personal training in all areas to better equip women in management techniques for small and medium-sized enterprises and responses to calls for tenders.

Some structures help women in training and capacity building in terms of financial management:

  • The Company House

Manage Your Business Better (SIYB) is a management training program for owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses. It presents the basic principles of good business management in a simple and practical way. Through several training modules in marketing, communication and commercial management.

Periodically organized by the Maison de l'Entreprise, the training develops the following modules:

- cost calculation;

- accountability ;

- financial planning;

- the economic business cycle.

Phone. : +226 25 39 80 60 / 61

  • AFP/PME (Professional Financing Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises) The Agency also wants to be a true development partner for these economic actors.

Having notions in financial management is very important for a woman entrepreneur because it will ensure the sustainability of the company, she provides training in this direction:

Job training :



-Business Management

Training acquired :


- reinforcement in management

Kieteta honored

Phone: 00226 76601500



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  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-BF) of Burkina Faso has set up several structures with the aim of facilitating business formalities and allowing entrepreneurs to have a framework for exchanges related to their activities, such as the (CGA) Approved Management Centers whose role is to promote the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through assistance in management, accounting, financial, fiscal and social management.

Basic services :

• bookkeeping

• tax assistance

• the production of periodic tax and social declarations

•production of year-end financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, appended statement, etc.)

•administrative and organizational assistance

•commercial assistance and development of the sales force (advice and information)

•information and training

•coaching and monitoring.

CGA members benefit from several advantages:

•20% reduction on TPA paid by nationals

•30% reduction in income tax

•50% reduction in the minimum charge.

•25% reduction in the CME paid by micro-enterprises

phone: +22625330108


  • The continuing education offered by Oo2 is a response to the ever-increasing demand of the various sectors that are expanding today. Supporting human capital in Burkina, whether technical or specific, is one of the prerogatives that Oo2 imposed on itself in 2017.

Avenue du Dr Kwamé N'Krumah

Ouagadougou 513

Burkina Faso

+226 55 77 87 11

  • the ULB (Free University of Burkina) through its rich quality training adapted to the requirements of the professional world is positioned as a real center of excellence in the service of young people. It is therefore this label that has led to the recognition of our teaching programs and our diplomas issued by CAMES. In addition, the ULB, through its study and research center, provides continuing education for the benefit of government and business personnel.
    • Sector 1: Financial and banking management
    • Sector 2: Quality Management
    • Sector 3: Accounting, auditing and control
    • Sector 4: Human resources management

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