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The Network of Caisses Populaires of Burkina (RCPB)



The Réseau des Caisses Populaires du Burkina (RCPB) is a movement of savings and credit cooperatives. He works in the field of microfinance. Its main activity is the collection of savings and their retrocession in the form of credits.

The Réseau des Caisses Populaires du Burkina has set itself the mission of: “contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of its members as well as of the community, in a spirit of solidarity and individual and collective responsibility, by:

- mobilization of local savings;

- the development of reliable and profitable cooperative savings and credit enterprises;

- the promotion of accessible and adapted financial products and services;

- democratic administration and management according to cooperative rules and principles, with concern for and respect for the human person”.

Each year, the RCPB produces a report on its actions carried out in favor of the communities through its activities of collection and granting of credit, training and meetings carried out for the benefit of leaders and members, social works carried out for the benefit of the communities. . In accordance with its policy of collective rebates, the RCPB has identified three priority areas of action, which are:

- health ;

- education;

- Environment and sustainable development.

- They offer credit facilities at affordable rates, thus allowing women entrepreneurs to pursue their activities in peace

The importance for women of using microcredit is the ease of obtaining credit and the conditions required, which differ from local banks.

Possibility of obtaining a loan several times in a microcredit structure with monthly installments

As soon as a loan is repaid, they have the option of requesting another

To become a member, a natural person must go to a credit union with :

- his identity document

- two (2) passport photos

- the sum of 3,000 CFA francs for membership and a minimum balance of 3,000 CFA francs to be kept in the account.

For legal persons, groups and associations, go to the nearest credit union.

Support Fund for Women's Remunerative Activities) is a government institution placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and meeting the definition of article 2 of national funds.

Several training courses are provided to members such as training on:

- Members, leadership and elections

- Regulations on the Solidarity Fund, the purchase of shares and loans

- Development of the Association's internal regulations

- First savings meeting

- First credit meeting

- First credit repayment

- Distribution of capital, elections and independence