NICTs are a sector favored by African entrepreneurs and start-ups and investors.

The proliferation and success of digital incubators in major African capitals testifies to the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that is developing among young Africans

Nowadays more and more women's groups are emerging in the ICT sector and are rising to the challenge in Burkina Faso by raising awareness and encouraging other women and girls to follow suit.

NICTs (mobile telephony, e-mail, collaborative platforms, online document sharing, instant messaging solutions, mobile Internet access, voice over IP, etc.) are a factor in the development of social relations, jobs and professions. They accompany a series of transformations concerning the strategy of the company, the organization of work, forms of management, consultation and negotiation. for all female entrepreneurs

In Burkina Faso, several sites and companies offer information to women entrepreneurs.

1-the GO AFRICA website

Go Africa Online is an internet portal and yellow pages directory of African businesses. This site is 100% quotmade in Africaquot and offers you its many online services.

We find all the companies of Burkina Faso in all the fields already referenced.

The site offers a descriptive sheet full of information: contact details, opening hours, media, description of services, tips.


2. Orange Social Venture Prize Burkina Faso

This is an online competition that rewards the best innovative and responsible business project in Africa and the Middle East.

For the year 2019, the competition took place in two stages: the projects first take part in a national competition, then an international jury awards a grand prize to the best from each country. Each time, Internet users can vote to add a name to the list of nominees.



This firm has developed an application in Excel that allows figures professionals (financial, accountants, DAF, consultants, tax experts, chief accountant, responsible for financial statements) to automatically generate all the accounting statements and tax statements in accordance with the model of the Directorate General of Taxes of Burkina Faso and the standards of the revised SYSCOHADA.

This automated (configured) package, which serves as an annual declaration of the results, includes the identification elements of the taxpayer and his activities, the accounting statements and the additional statements of the General Directorate of Taxes.

This automated solution will make life easier for many women entrepreneurs, in fact it allows you to obtain your statements from your 06-column balance.


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