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Standardization and patenting of products or services

In the protection and development of their immaterial assets (trademarks of products and services, patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs and models, trade names, plant varieties, etc.). It allows among other things:

  • Inform, raise awareness and train economic actors on industrial property issues
  • Support, advise and accompany economic actors in the protection and exploitation of their intangible assets
  • Promote better use of industrial property to increase the competitiveness of SMEs/SMIs
  • Promote and enhance local products containing qualities linked to the origin
  • Facilitate access to services provided by OAPI and to scientific and technical information
  • Contribute to the fight against infringements of industrial property rights;
  • Ensure compliance with regional and international conventions and agreements relating to industrial property.

Product patenting is important for an entrepreneur in the sense that it protects him against counterfeiting, piracy, unfair competition and ensures the life of the marketed product because the law protects him if his product is patented by the CNPI. The costs vary depending on what the entrepreneur wishes to patent (type of product or service, category of product or service, sensitivity of the product, area of coverage, etc.).

EVENT: QUALITY DAY (where several women entrepreneurs are awarded for their commitment to the quality of their business in all areas)