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All licenses are obtained at the Ministry of Commerce through the Directorate of Exports and the Directorate of Commerce.

The period of validity of a license must be reasonable and not so short as to prevent imports or exports, particularly those from distant countries. Full quota utilization should not be discouraged. Licenses must be issued for quantities of products of economic interest.


The authorization to export is an authorization from the Ministry responsible for trade for the export of certain products, the list of which is approved by the Minister responsible for trade.

The export market, meanwhile, saw an evolution of the main export products in 2017 compared to 2016.

The top 10 export products (non-monetary gold, cotton, zinc, cashew nuts, sesame, shea, mango, etc.) account for 94.3% of all exports.

In 2017, exports in value of peanuts, maize, cottonseed oil, silver, paddy rice increased. On the other hand, between 2016 and 2017, exports from promising sectors (cashew, sesame, honey, shea, mango, leather and skins, onion, live cattle, tomato, etc.) identified in the National Export Strategy (SNE) experienced a decrease. This situation is explained by the decline in the export of sesame seeds and hides and skins.

Procedure for obtaining an export authorization

The EA application file is composed as follows:

• An application form stamped at 200 F CFA;

•A seller's pro forma invoice;

•A phytosanitary certificate if applicable.

Application forms are 1,685 F per unit.

The advantages of exporting for companies are :

- Increase your turnover

- benefiting from economic growth in certain regions of the world

- expanding business opportunities

- increasing your profitability

- Gain notoriety: You increase the notoriety and know-how of your company on an international level nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

- Get to know the competition better: You broaden your knowledge of your sector of activity by identifying your foreign competitors.

- Make better use of your production capacities

- Boost your business: The fact of exporting brings a breath of fresh air into the business and the fate of its marketing habits.

The risks run by exporting companies are twofold: orders :

- Risks related to expansion on domestic or foreign markets in particular

- lack of knowledge of the socio-cultural specificities of foreign markets

- sales do not correspond to forecasts

- poor assessment of the competition;

- ignorance of the commercial legislation of the country

Composition of the export folder :

- The Prior Import Declaration includes five (5) sheets:

- One (01) copy of COTECNA INSPECTION SA;

- One (01) import copy for banking operations;

- One (01) import copy for customs clearance;

- One (01) copy of the one-stop-shop centre.

- A copy of the pro-forma invoice stapled to the DPI:

- A copy of the analysis results for the products subject to it;

- A copy of the special authorization(s) to import for the products subject to it;

- A visa from the tobacco monopoly service;

- A copy of the approval for the products subject to it