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Import licenses can be defined as administrative procedures which require, as a prerequisite for the importation of goods, the submission to the competent administrative body of an application or other documents (as distinct from documents required for customs).

Any operation of importing goods and responding to measures relating to the defense of the interests of the importer, compliance with commercial regulations, customs police and control of financial relations with a formality completed abroad.

Certain restrictions for certain products

Quantitative restrictions on imports concern only powders and explosives, retreaded or used tyres, second-hand clothes and certain halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons (CFCs), refrigeration equipment using halogenated derivatives, used motor vehicle chassis and wheels fitted with tires retreads or used tires.

Composition of the import file :

-The Prior Import Declaration includes five (5) sheets:

-One (01) copy of COTECNA INSPECTION SA;

-One (01) importing copy for banking operations;

-One (01) import copy for customs clearance;

-One (01) copy of the one-stop-shop centre.

- A copy of the pro-forma invoice stapled to the DPI:

- A copy of the analysis results for the products subject to it;

- A copy of the special authorization(s) to import for the products subject to it;

-A visa from the tobacco monopoly service;

- A copy of the approval for the products subject to it.

The form includes sections which are :

• The identity of the importer;

• The IFU (Unique Financial Identity) number;

• The overall value and the unit price expressed in ex-factory value, FOB, FCA;

• The quantity expressed in appropriate units of measurement;

• The description of the goods;

• The terms of delivery;

• The countries of origin and provenance of the goods;

• Terms of payment;

• Mode of transportation;

• The port of loading of the goods;

• The customs clearance office;

• The stamp and signature of the competent authority;

• The identity of the customs declarant of the goods;

• The references of the authorizations and visas cited above are entered on the DPI accompanied by the signature and stamp of the department issuing the DPI.

Conditions for obtaining

Obtaining the DPI is conditional on the presentation to the competent services of the Ministry in charge of trade of a file including:

• A complete set of duly completed forms signed and stamped by the importer;

• A copy of the IFU number (legalized for the first important);

• A copy of the valid professional importer trader card

• Three copies of the pro-forma or commercial invoice of six (06) months at most;