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Practical guide for immigration to Burkina Faso

Identification documents for traveling

Burkina Faso issues 4 categories of travel documents, namely: the Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, the Pass and the Burkinabe National Identification Card (CNIB). For each type of request, the documents to be provided are as follows according to the categories of applicants.
For Adults:

  • Birth certificate
  • Complete identity certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • 2 passport photos
  • Certificate of service for civil servants
  • RCCM for contractors

For kids :

  • 2 passport photos
  • Excerpt from birth
  • Certificate of parental authorization
  • Photocopies of the identity cards of the parents of the child
  • School certificate or photocopy of diploma for students

Fees charged

  • Ordinary passport: 50,000 CFA
  • Service passport: 60,000 CFA
  • Diplomatic passport: 70,000 CFA
  • Pass: 15,000 CFA

Contact information

passport service

National Police


Formalities to enter and exit Burkina Faso

The National Police of Burkina Faso offers multiple services to Burkinabe citizens and foreigners in relation to travel documents and other related services according to the law.

Exit conditions for nationals

  • Be the holder of a Burkinabe identity card or passport
  • Hold a travel document

Nationals can enter from Burkina as they wish without conditions. On the other hand, to leave the country there are certain conditions if the host country requires a prior visa.

Entry and exit conditions for foreigners

  • Hold a travel document bearing a Burkinabe visa,
  • Have a return transport ticket or a deposit or waiver of repatriation deposit.
  • Foreigners wishing to settle for a period of more than three months must have a residence permit, the request for which is made on the spot, within 15 days from the date of arrival on the territory of Burkina Faso.

It is specified that any foreigner in an irregular situation will be turned back in addition to being liable to a fine and imprisonment, the duration of which will vary from one to six months.

Access to work for foreigners

  • As for foreigners' access to work, there is practically no discrimination
  • The labor code stipulates that the employment contract must be concluded before any travel by the worker to Burkina Faso.

Visa formalities